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There are plenty of candidates for testing and I want to try to get to as many of them as possible over the course of the next year or so.I think this is too important for the low-carb community to simply gloss over and turn a blind eye to.

Sales information for each of these providers can be found here: The Press Release is included after the jump for additional information about the book.And that certainly is thanks, in part, to of all of you!Starting today, there is a new LOST Compilation available on all e-reader formats which includes a good portion of my LOST Blog entries from back in the day.We have to know how certain foods we are consuming are impacting our blood sugars and the only way to know with certainty is to test.While my body may respond in a certain way to these various foods I’ll be testing, that doesn’t mean they’ll do the same in your body.If you're watching LOST for the first time, watched awhile ago but want to relive some of LOST's glory days, want to have an archived version of some old web material for posterity, or just give a little nod of appreciation to the writers that kept you entertained for 6 years (and beyond) I encourage you to check it out.And of course, pass the word on to any friends or family that might be interested.Somebody will inevitably chime in with the all-too-familiar initials YMMV which stands for “your mileage may vary.” And it’s certainly true as has been articulated by people like Gary Taubes regarding a person’s tolerance to foods. The sooner you can accept that as a reality, the sooner you’ll be able to become pro-active in doing what is right for your weight and health.Is it fair that some people are able to eat foods that we cannot because their bodies handle it better? All of this got me to thinking about the foods I consume as part of my healthy low-carb lifestyle and whether I’m maximizing my ability to improve my weight (which is higher than I’d like it to be, but still well over triple-digits lower than the 410 pounds I was in 2004) and my health (which I cannot complain about with stellar blood lipids, steady blood sugar control, and an overall healthy and active 39-year old body even if I do say so myself).It's called the Take 2 Guide to LOST: The Ultimate Compendium.I'm in good company with many of the other renowned bloggers from LOST's heyday!


  1. A Swedish office building implants RFID microchips into its employees. The stage being set for the Mark of the Beast.

  2. Read my thoughts on the latest episodes of Lost and chime in with yours. And hold on to your lucky numbers! 4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42

  3. One of the common themes you’ve often heard me share over the years is find what works for you, follow that plan exactly as prescribed and keep doing it for the.

  4. I saw little to no system analysis such as hookworms effect the enzyme cascade which if out balance plays a role if not the source of alleges, asthma, MS, crohn's.

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