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Procedures for validating an instrument

This book discussed how individual members in a species differ and how they possess characteristics that are more adaptive and successful or less adaptive and less successful.Those who are adaptive and successful are the ones that survive and give way to the next generation, who would be just as or more adaptive and successful.Some psychometric researchers focus on the construction and validation of assessment instruments such as questionnaires, tests, raters' judgments, and personality tests.Others focus on research relating to measurement theory (e.g., item response theory; intraclass correlation). Psychometricians usually possess a specific qualification, and most are psychologists with advanced graduate training.Psychological testing has come from two streams of thought: the first, from Darwin, Galton, and Cattell on the measurement of individual differences, and the second, from Herbart, Weber, Fechner, and Wundt and their psychophysical measurements of a similar construct.The second set of individuals and their research is what has led to the development of experimental psychology, and standardized testing.Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement.As defined by the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), psychometrics refers to psychological measurement.

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Galton wrote a book entitled "Hereditary Genius" about different characteristics that people possess and how those characteristics make them more "fit" than others.

In addition to traditional academic institutions, many psychometricians work for the government or in human resources departments.

Others specialize as learning and development professionals.

Charles Darwin was the inspiration behind Sir Francis Galton who led to the creation of psychometrics.

In 1859, Darwin published his book "The Origin of Species", which pertained to individual differences in animals.


  1. Of State Health Services Laboratory. CAP Accreditation Requirements for Validating Laboratory Tests, 7/9/13. Instrument validation

  2. The discussion of the validation of analytical procedures is directed to the four most common types of analytical procedures • Identification tests.

  3. Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of. and the goal is to construct procedures or operations that provide data that meet the.

  4. VALIDATION AND QUALIFICATION Lizette Caballero, B. S. M. T. – New or revised processing procedures. 4. Instrument.

  5. Validity and reliability of measurement instruments used in research. developing and validating an instrument is. col should include procedures to de-

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