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Radiocarbon dating and creationists

The displaced neutrons bond with nitrogen-14 (N-14) converting it into C-14.Because C-14 is radioactive, it is unstable, and is constantly decaying back into N-14.Introduction Many people have been led to believe that carbon dating (along with other radioactive dating methods) proves the earth to be much older than 6,000 years old.If the dates received from carbon dating are accurate, it would be a huge problem for those who believe in the Genesis account of creation.But, as C-14 continuously decays, it is also continuously being replaced by new C-14 being formed.How carbon-14 enters an organism Most C-14 will combine with oxygen to produce radioactive carbon dioxide (C-14 O-2).Be cautious of accepting a carbon age One should not accept any age from a dating method, including carbon dating, without knowing exactly how the dating method works and its limitations.

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Many people mistakenly believe carbon dating can be used to date objects that are millions or even billions of years old.

C-14 is formed in the earth’s upper atmosphere as a consequence of cosmic radiation bombardment.

These cosmic rays shatter the nuclei in gas atoms in the upper atmosphere releasing neutrons.

Most authorities agree that C-14 decays at such a rate that half of it will be gone in approximately 5,730 years.

This means if a specimen contained, say, a pound of C-14 (to make things understandable), in 5,730 years, half of it will be gone, and in another 5,730 years, half of the remaining C-14 will disappear.


  1. Aug 24, 2014. can basically read everything in #6 above to understand the methods used to make this claim. Creationists simply ignore how radiocarbon dating works and how the process actually takes place. If you ignore the actual science and invent you own, you can claim anything is possible, as creationists have.

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