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Under a magnifying glass one could, perhaps, ^N-0 I^S^S^EU R'S^ WORLD hind.

Every- thing is calm, precise, detailed, and inescapably, sometimes perversely, beautiful.

He began his career photo- graphing fashion when giants like Balenciaga still ruled the world of haute couture, in the 194()s.

Generations of dedicated ani talented designers, working with the noblest of earth's treasures, have transformed diamonds and precious metal5 into objects of rare beauty and fantasy. Ca RTIER CREATORS know the wonder of dreams and the mystery of desire. AS TIME PASSES, ROLEX ENDURES To ensure that the Rolex timepiece you wear today continues to function accurately through many tomorrows, *k? The Movado Museum dial is a registered trademark of The Movado Watch Cwporatioa ORIEn XATIOn S GALLERY E & S TOSK ANTIQUE JAPANESE MASTERPIECES (j T"^* '■V? Created by master Japanese metalworkers over 100 years ago, these rare kane mo no decorated the embroidered pouches of 19th century Japanese aristocrats.

And like those masters of IMAGINATION, THE Ca RTIER artists interpret those dreams and desires for a clientele which, LIKE Ca RTIER ITSELF, IS UNIQUE IN ALL THE WORLD. VV(:il ASi;-(;ill(; A0()-(;()STAMi: SA-l)ALLAS-l()in I. % Rolex has created the pressure-proof '* ^ Oyster case to provide maximum protection against the elements. Carefully worked in gold, silver, shakudo and shibuichi, each one- of-a-kind piece beautifully captures the spirit of the animal depicted: the gentle endurance of an elephant, the pleasant portliness of a blowfish, the restless energy of tadpoles, and the indomitable vitality of a whale.


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