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In California and the Midwest, we’re seeing some individual races where the head-to-head looks better, the generic ballot looks better, and approval of national Republican politicians is better.” -- Meredith Kelly, the communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said her team focuses less on the ups and downs of national surveys than fielding top-flight candidates who can defeat GOP incumbents.“Equally important, if not more important, [than the generic ballot] is that our district-specific data is really bad for Republicans,” she said.“The improving poll numbers and growing GOP confidence isn't an accident,” said Kevin Seifert, the executive director of Speaker Paul Ryan's political operation.“This development is happening because Americans are recognizing that Democrats overplayed their hand on tax reform.A striking 70 percent rated the economy as excellent or good, up 14 points from January and up 24 points from January 2017.The size of the recent shift might raise an eyebrow as possibly a one-poll fluke, but the overall direction is clear.-- The election is still not for nine months, an eternity in Trump time. The president’s party almost always loses a lot of House seats during his first midterm election, and no Republican argues that won’t happen in 2018.The question is whether they’ll lose 24, which would cost them their majority. Every member of the party should spend all their time, money and energy selling the tax bill.

-- “What you’re seeing publicly is what I am seeing privately,” said Corry Bliss, who runs the Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC backed by House GOP leadership. “We’re also seeing district-level polling in a solid spot generally.As companies dole out bonuses, raise wages for workers, and families see the positive impact that this law is having on their lives, they understand that the Republican House majority is working for them.” -- The new Quinnipiac poll puts Trump’s approval rating at 40 percent among registered voters, up from 35 percent in early December.The percentage approving “strongly” is 30 percent, up five points from early December and his highest level since last March.Brielle seemed a little nervous around the weapon at first, but Kim said it's important for her to have it ... We're told Brielle's practiced at a gun range before.She doesn't have a license yet, but Georgia doesn't require one if it's stored in a home, car or place of business.(To be sure, 55 percent still disapprove.) Fifty-one percent approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, while 43 percent disapprove.This is the first time in Trump’s presidency that a majority has approved of his economic stewardship in Quinnipiac polling and compares with a negative 44-51 split in mid-December.One reason Trump’s 40 percent approval number is striking is that the same survey, using the same methodology, gave Trump some of his weakest numbers last year.His approval rating bottomed out at 33 percent last summer.“We already have several district-specific polls that show the named Republican losing to the named challenger right off the bat.There’s another category where the named incumbent is winning right now in a head-to-head, but only earns in the mid to low 40s — a weak starting off point.


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