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A Facebook page promoting Texas independence riddled with grammatical mistakes. indictment centered on a Russian troll farm only scratches the surface of the St.Islamic State anthems blasting out during the nightshift. Petersburg agency that allegedly produced online content to sway the 2016 presidential election — and glosses over how unconvincing some of its stunts could be.Last year The Daily Beast said it had identified “Williams and Kalvin” — a rap duo purportedly from Atlanta that appeared in You Tube videos — as operatives of the Russian troll operation.

The agency did manage to organize rallies in the U. Even online, the trolls struggled with their command of English.RELATED: Special Counsel Indicts 13 Russian Nationals Over Election Interference; Read The Indictment The fakery was screamingly obvious: The soldier’s uniform was misshapen and out of date.His helmet resembled the headwear a cyclist might wear and the English he spoke was so heavily accented it was almost indecipherable.Baskaev said the same to Rain last year, but added that he doubted any of them accomplished much in the U. “They probably just went out boozing and partying,” he said.Malcolm Turnbull jets off to Washington this week for talks with Donald Trump as both men are engulfed in distracting scandals.Trump, infamous for his lewd remarks recorded off-camera, is also fending off claims of paying hush money to adult film stars – a story pursued most vigorously not by a trashy tabloid but the .Or will the focus be on Russia’s meddling in US politics?Another showed a phony shooting in Atlanta, Georgia that carried echoes of Michael Brown’s fatal 2014 encounter with police in Ferguson, Missouri.The indictment that charged 13 Russians with meddling in the presidential race makes no mention of them, but the amateurish videos continued through the election.For Trump, chaos is constant, while for Turnbull, a brief moment of optimism at the end of last year about his political fortunes changing for the better has surrendered, at least for now, to the Barnaby Joyce affair.Imagine the questions the two leaders will field at a press conference.


  1. Feb 12, 2018. 'Nastya Rybka' is a truly shameless self-promoter, but her allegations of high-level corruption in Russia involving a former Manafort client are, well, tantalizing.

  2. Feb 15, 2018. HORRIFYING new details have emerged of how a 21-year-old woman killed her boyfriend during a sex game - then cut up his body, severing his genitals. Anastasia Onegina initially denied killing lover Dmitry Sinkevich, 24, formerly a policeman and conscript soldier in the Russian army, but has now.

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