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Senior sex chat recorded videos

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The app, which is very well-designed for a first release, lets you record a video for a friend, then record their reaction to that video, which is shared back with you.

Associations can also broadcast their open meetings if the wish.

Thanks to Facebook’s billion Whats App acquisition yesterday, the tech industry is going to be on the lookout for the next great mobile messaging app.

With fortuitous timing, a new mobile video messaging app called Samba is debuting today – and, no, they didn’t move up the launch to take advantage of the buzz, the plan has been in the works for weeks.

Associations are private organizations with the right to regulate speech--the First Amendment does not apply to a private organization's private meetings. The Penal Code makes it a crime to record confidential conversations without the other person's consent.

However, the prohibition does not apply to open board meetings or to membership meetings.


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