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In her own video, she said: 'Now let me make one thing clear to you…

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But one of his friends comes in to shot and wags his finger to stop Khan from filming (right)In the footage, the welterweight champion, from Bolton, who is worth £23million, swings the camera round and appears to be enjoying himself in the club with friends.So that's it basically.'Yesterday, Khan tweeted to say he will be flying to San Francisco in mid-August to 'put everything behind him' and train to get his career in the ring back on track just hours before posting a topless photo of himself. I've not slept all night.'I went to see some people at the marina and I've been up all night. While some fans backed the former world championship boxer who is planning a big return to the ring, others saw Khan's announcement on Twitter as an opportunity to land a knock-out gag.In the Instagram story which appeared on Ms Becknazar's page @principessa_persiana, Khan is in the back of a car with her and can be heard saying: 'Hey what's up? Just chilling in Dubai'He was spotted by a reporter for the Sunday Mirror trudging back to his £160-a-night hotel room near the the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa. Khan wrote: 'Mid August I'm off to San Francisco to start my training. Get back on top with big fights.'To which user Dan Irving, Manchester United season ticket holder, responded with: 'Finally, you've managed to take something on the chin,' poking fun at the light-welterweight's struggles in the past to take a punch.Makhdoom said last night that she had tried to stop Khan from drinking alcohol every night and be a better Muslim, according to the source.She allegedly fears 'Islamist radicals' would issue a fatwa - an Islamic ruling - against Khan for his un-Islamic behaviour.But today she shared a message from an account called 'The Noble Qu'ran', with a verse 'And be moderate (or show no arrogance) in your walking and lower your voice.' And she posted the first picture of herself since the announcement, wearing an off-the-shoulder top and ripped jeans and appearing to be standing in a hotel bathroom.A friend yesterday said Makhdoom contacted Khan in Dubai and her parents got in touch with his family in Bolton to offer an olive branch and say it was in the pair's best interests to stay together for the sake of their daughter Lamaisah, two.He also denied that he drinks alcohol, despite having a drink in his hand on camera.Instagram trolls accused Ms Becknazar of being a homewrecker, but she posted a story to hit back at those claims.Khan, 30, who flew back to the UK today, was seen dancing with a Coke-coloured drink in his hand with beauty adviser Gulbahor Becknazar, in the footage which he recorded himself.Khan, who has been embroiled in a very public break-up with his wife Faryal Makhdoom, apologised for posting the video.


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