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co-stars Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco, and Catherine Keener came ~exploding~ onto the silver screen with this now iconic comedy film.It also helped launch the movie careers of future stars like Elizabeth Banks and Jonah Hill.

He takes part in a frightening night of speed-dating.'The limit on the A406 Gunnersbury Avenue has been reduced to 30mph from 40mph to ensure the safety of all road users and contractors working onsite to upgrade Power Road Bridge.I'm a half Dominican half Canadian guy looking for a connection with a caring woman.While trading raunchy stories about sexual exploits it becomes abundantly clear that Andy -- at the age of 40 -- is still a virgin.Finding this situation an insult to males everywhere, they decide to make it their mission to get Andy some action. For Andy, this leads to some terrifying encounters.The three guys could have easily been dismissed as misogynistic jerks, but the excellent script exposes them as being just as terrified of intimacy as Andy is. Keener adds class to any film in which she appears; she's a treat.And it's so refreshing to see two romantic leads who are old enough to remember the days before cell phones and ATMs.He knows how to keep the comedy real and doesn't just play it for cheap laughs.Andy's three buddies are all well cast, especially the innocent-seeming Paul Rudd. A former member of Chicago's Second City, Carell has been featured on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" and starred in the American version of the British TV comedy "The Office." He also gave a show-stopping performance in "Bruce Almighty." Now he brings down the house in his first feature-film leading role, that of the main character, Andy Stitzer, in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin."Stitzer is a shy, mild-mannered man who works in a large electronics store. If you haven't heard of him before, you certainly will now.


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