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The enacted scenes are expressions of Carl’s girlfriend’s need for approval and for displays of affection and of her desire for unconditional love.

One criticism of romance fiction is that such fantasy becomes a substitute for agency in women.

Many times a day, we are seduced by images of wish fulfillment.

Many times a day, we are invited to consider theis a series of fifteen photographs that describe the iconic moments of the modern dating ritual as staged by the artist and a male store window mannequin she calls Carl.

The art of dating has recently entered the world of art, where, in the words of Bill Jeffries, curator of Simon Fraser University Gallery, it constitutes “a sufficiently new phenomenon that a body of theoretical discourse has yet to develop around it.” One artist, Susan Bozic, has captured the art of dating in a complete series of images. While I can't place copies of her images here, please do take a moment to check out her Dating Portfolio, partly displayed on Geist and complete portfolios on Susan's personal website.

ability to temporarily suspend disbelief, to empathize with pictures as if the narratives they describe were real, and then to cleanly disengage as the credits roll and we turn the page.

Both an edifice and sculpture, Not a new world, just an old trick, showcased works from each institutions collection in addition to Roy-Bois own ink drawings that illustrate architectural forms, proposals and impossibilities.

The questions raised by Morrison’s exhibitions not only address historical and social narratives put forward by our institutions, but also the larger aesthetics and complexities of cultural identification.

It is an image that generously communicates a flush of warm thoughts: the pleasure of human sociability, the warmth of companionship, the social approval of a public relationship and the thrill of romantic love.

The movie theatre is a democratic space –conventional stage, facing an unseen audience.

With Bozic directs our attention to the difficulties of establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships in a world of increasing atomization, digitization, and materialism, where face-to-face contact seems increasingly elusive.

But the dream persists, even if the centre is hollow.


  1. Bozic's The Dating Portfolio sees the artist engaged in various romantic situations with Carl, a handsome but stoic mannequin. These images are akin to stock photos.

  2. Find great deals on eBay for bozic. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay. Susan Bozic The Dating Portfolio ExLib by Hatt, Gordon; Jeffries, Bill.

  3. Holly Marie Armishaw - Contemporary Artist. Holly Marie Armishaw in Conversation with Susan Bozic. Susan Bozic’s “The Dating Portfolio” and “The.

  4. Stoking the independent spirit of artists and writers since 2010.

  5. Urbanely Urban - static pages. Susan Bozic’s The Dating Portfolio is a series of fifteen photographs that describe the iconic moments of the modern dating ritual.

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