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For the union to last a long time and be strong, the Aries man and Taurus woman must fulfill the basic rule of their interaction with each other: do not attempt to kill the independence and individuality of each other. He gets jealous very easily but we both communicate and I feel as though my patience with his anger is what keeps him grounded. I've seen a difference with his reactions throughout our relationship for the better. This can make her a great trophy partner, but also means she’s likely to be quite high maintenance.As a daughter of Venus – the goddess of beauty – a Taurus woman’s need to constantly keep up appearances will require your indulgence and your understanding.She will put out his excessive temper with her infinite patience, and at the same time lower his dreams from heaven to earth.A Taurus woman rarely causes conflicts and promotes a healthy psychological atmosphere for her family.Taurus women aren’t people who adapt well to change in any department of their life, especially not their love life.

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Because food is a major priority for Taurus, visiting restaurants or cooking for each other at home should figure highly on your schedule of dating activities with this girl.According to the horoscope, the zodiac sign Taurus has strong personality qualities, the main of which is practicality.Taurus woman becomes an excellent housewife, wife, and mother.Taurus woman is very patient and rarely expresses an objection or dissatisfaction, could listen and give good advice when she is asked to do so.By her qualities, a Taurus woman is most suitable to an Aries man as a wife than any other zodiac sign.Under the layer of bravado, an Aries man hides a huge lack of self-confidence and a lot of complexes, which he carefully conceals from strangers.Believing in the infallibility of his ideas and actions, an Aries man will never agree to change his mind and will always consider himself right.Everywhere, he tries to demonstrate the best qualities of his personality, as even in clothes he takes a special individual style.Everywhere, Aries man wants to be first, the most visible, and he always wants to lead and manage others.Taurus women are fairly material by nature, it’s true: they like acquiring money, they like spending it and they like holding onto their possessions.Whether this is a plus or minus in your view, depends on your own approach.


  1. How To Date A Taurus. By Almie Rose, September 2nd 2014. The Taurus, born April 20 to May. 5 Things You Have To Know Before Dating A Taurus

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