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They’re blunt, millennial BFFs who prefer kicking back on the couch with a personal pizza to putting any real effort into their love lives.

“The relationship [you see on screen] is real and it’s the truth,” Povitsky says.

If Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo want you to take anything away from their show it’s this — their relationship is strictly platonic and, yes, they like it better that way.

The two comedians behind Freeform’s new series “Alone Together” portray characters not unlike themselves.

It's odd how deeply ingrained some of these assumptions can be! Don't go near: "Together Dating" has offices in Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles,and San Diego: Together Dating .... You fill out a questionnaire; they contact you; you make an appointment when they go over your likes and dislikes...after they have verified your credit card. Meanwhile your credit card was charged immediately.“For some reason, we’re so obsessed as a culture with the will they/won’t they, but why not give the opposite of that a chance and let a man and a woman do a buddy comedy together?There’s so many stories to be told between a man and woman that have nothing to do with sex or romance.” Aflalo agrees, adding: “Young people don’t really get married as much either, so why not explore that friendship dynamic?A 5-star answer would list 25-30 of these expensive services around the country. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DATING & MATCHMAKING SERVICES IN CALIFORNIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Elite Matchmaker" operates coast-to-coast, with echelons of service ranging in price from 0 to ,500 (and higher, by arrangement): Elite Matchmaker "The Right One" has offices in Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles,and San Diego: The Right One ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Great Expectations" has offices in Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Rafael, Santa Clara, Upland, and Walnut Creek: Great Expectations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Introductions by Sage" has offices in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, the South Bay Area, and San Gabriel Valley: Introductions by Sage "Elite Connections" operates in Beverly Hills, Redondo Beach and Westlake: Elite Connections ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Together Dating" has offices in Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles,and San Diego: Together Dating ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Lisa Bentsen's Single Search" has offices in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, and San Diego: Single Search ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Single and Professional" targets Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, San Rafael, and Novato: Single and Professional ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Meet a Mate" is a personal introduction service operated by a mother/daughter team, serving Los Angeles and Orange County: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "It's Just Lunch" serves Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Walnut Creek: It's Just Lunch "Gianna" is a professional matchmaker based in Los Angeles: LA Matchmaker Professional matchmaker Marsha Winer offers two introduction services in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area: The Jewish Connection Intros by Marsha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOT IN CALIFORNIA, BUT WORTH A LOOK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ann Wood the Matchmaker Life Works Dating for Singles Connections Connections Melissa Darnay, Oldest Matchmaker in the USA Matchmaking the Matchmaker Matchmaking Beginnings Spindel, Matchmaker Hoffman Associates ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Search terms used: "dating service(s)" "matchmaking service(s)" "introduction service(s)" "professional matchmaker" "upscale" "exclusive" "elite" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope this list will give your friend a wide field of options to consider. A simple list of links....links would be just fine.) All comments greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, the Web is so full of sleazoid dating sites that it has proven very challenging to collect links to 25 sites that seem respectable and classy. Better Together Dating introduces dating for the #Remain crowd. Start locally, get closer, then go far away together.” Several episodes in the first season — including the third episode’s fertility plot where Benji thinks he’s unable to have children — are based on the duo’s real-life friendship.They met nearly nine years ago at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles where they were both performing stand-up.Best wishes, pinkfreud Ron, Thank you very much for the five-star rating!I just realized that nowhere in your question did you specify your friend's gender.


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