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Tory belleci kari byron dating

There were rumors flying around about Tory being gay.

But he was quick to prove the allegations wrong by saying that he is straight and people spreading false news about him should get a life.

Now, Kari Byron is happily married to husband Paul Urich for 10 years.

Well, we don’t have much information about his current relationship status.

She is currently working on a book called Crash Test Girl that will drop the summer of 2018. The relationship that Tory and Kari have is a very friendly relation and as both claim.

There were rumors that the duo was dating each other but it was nothing more than friendship.

That was a brief about his work but today we are here to take peek into the personal life of this filmmaker.

When your fans grow simultaneously your haters also grow.

Can we say if you are hated you are very successful and marching on the right path?

It was reported that Tory suffered a brief setback in his relationship with this new woman due the allegations regarding his sexual orientation.

Tory even threatened to sue the activist for spreading such stupid rumors which caused misunderstanding between him and his secret girlfriend.


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