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Tvxq dating on earth soundtrack

And he is talking with a normal voice not the usual yelling and screaming. He stands on the stage dressed in black boots, black jeans and a plain black sweater. SARANGHA OPPA Oppa i just finished manhole it was so great, funny , refreshing , & to be honest i cried a little bit 4 u in ep16 i thought u gonna die ,, really thank u for your all hardworking u deserve a lot of love i hope u recieve an award ,, & u were so cute , handsome at the same time & some people says that drama manhole is so boring but don't mind them ?

I had just finished the drama it is soooo amazing worth watching I feel in love with the story it well written and the actors are professionals i love jeajoong oooa gaash his amazing He is a pice of cheescake ??????????????

He is strong pliant like a bamboo who weathered the storms of life from the drama of being adopted to emerging as winner( together with Xia and Chunnie) of lawsuits in his pursuit for fairness by battling the entertainment industry giants. Maybe he's not the best singer but he makes the song comes out as the best..

Less pop and auto tune; Something that shows their real talent as singers. can't believe the people who post negative comments on a site like this.....i don't even know why you bother reading it at all.......i wouldn't bother taking the time to read, and then make negative comments about something i have no interest in.

I wish you would play in lots of dramas and movies cause I love seeing you on the screen and I'm sure there are lots of people who agree with me. All the very best for the future & Happiness always!!! He likes to work behind the scene, he doesn't care whether people will look at him or not. Although my sister and I will come to Korea soon to love you so much. Good luck for your acting and singing career may God Bless You..

Love your songs & voice which I call it FIRE & ICE because you are hot & cold at the same time.. I found his warm heart, kindness, caring to others and he's so down to earth. He also have a great voice, i love his song "i'll pretect u" (OST. I wish he will come to Indonesia with JYJ :)) i definitely love your role in Postman to Heaven and Protect The Boss.act and sing nicely, especially in 12th episode..truthfully, i've never be interest for JYJ or TVXQ,,but since i heard Junsu "you are beautifull" in "scent of woman" and your deep voice in karaoke scene protect the boss, i think now i'm in love with JYJ and TVXQ...

Both seem to point to some sort of attempt at depth on the group’s part. Hap quickly goes back to the same formula of the first two Korean releases: breathtaking vocals wrapped around simple pop/R&B compositions. The release of the album came with a few repackages.

In terms of album composition, that’s exactly what it seems like: a soundtrack to a film starring our handsome quintet.


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