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But possibly the relevant data on pressures were not available to Waloff. Votes and JVews SCIENCE NOTES AND NEWS ON THE PROOF OF THE INVERSE SQUARE LAW AND THE MEASUREMENT OF H In a communication, Mr. He suggests an alter- native method of verifying the law.

It seemed that had the locusts been tree, they would have gone with the wind, the drop in atmospheric pressure serving as the stimulus for the initiation of migration. Singal, Pro- fessor of Physics, Gordon College, Rawalpindi, has drawn attention to the common errors in the experimental verification (tan^A/tanf^u 2) of the Gauss inverse square law using a deflection magnetometer.

It is concluded that, generally speaking, swarms migrate dowri-wind — as already shown long ago by Rao for India and by Predtech- enskii (to whom Waloff makes no reference) for Persia and some adjacent countries — al- though older swarms tend sometimes to fly against the prevailing winds.

Just as the Bhore Commit- * Note on th^ Production of Niu*e (Pota.ssium Nit- rate) from Ammoniacal Waste ”--Coiitril)uti on l)y G. Finally, an attempt is made, on the whole suc- cessfully, of correlating the movements and breeding of swarms to meteorological condi- tions, particularly temperature and rainfall.

We have in India an opposite number of the Anti-Locust Research Centre, called the Warning Organization, func- tioning since 1939. The extracts throw light, if any was needed, on the civilized state of the Indian Society in ancient times. There are a few typo- .graphical errors, however, which could have been easily avoided. any Graduate of the Madras University on any topic dealing with one of the subjects mentioned in the following two groups: — (A) Chemistry, Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry. The work submitted should not have formed the basis of a work for which any prize or a degree had been previously awarded.

The desert locust being the most commoh locust in India, Waloff’s Memoir is of spec|^l interest to us. The author quotes from the Arthasastra of Kautilya to prove his point that agriculture, animal husbandry, storage and marketing of produce and the nutrition of the people were looked after efficiently by the State more than two thousand years ago. UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS: “THE MAHA- RAJA OF TRAVANCORE-CURZON PRIZES” FOR 1947-48 Two prizes, one in each of the following groups of subjects, will be awarded by the Syndicate for the best essay or thesis written, by. Essays or theses which consist only of criticisms, compilations or the history of a subject, unaccompanied by the results of personal, independent, original research will bo ineligible for the pxize. Saha, Cal- cutta; (7) Sir Shri Ham, New Delhi; (8) Sir A.

It may be hoped that the Organization will consider doing so, preferably on the lines of the Anti-Locust Memoirs or Bulletins, M. They have also decided to abolish from April 1, 1947, the Industrial Research Utilisa- tion Committee which was an Advisory Body t Q assist the Council.

In the absence of suitable analysis, prompt publication of even the unanalysed data from year to year would serve a vei*y useful pur- pose. COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC AND INDUS- TRIAL RESEARCH ’ The Government of India have decided to continue the existing constitution for the Coun- cil of Scientific ^ and Industrial Research, in view of the unanimous opinion of the members representing Industry and Science on that body.

The following have been nominated to the Governing Body of the Council for a period of three years from April 1, 1947 : (1) The Hon’ble Member in charge of Industries and Supplies (President); (2) Sir S. Bhatnagar, Director, Scientific and Industrial Research ; (3) Sir Arthur Waugh, Secretary to the De- partment of Industries and Supplies; (4) Mr. There is, neverthe- less, a fairly regular pattern of seasonal distri- butions over Eastern Africa, the pattern changing from season to season in a regular manner, the change, according to Waloff, being due to physiological responses of the locust to climatic factors, and not to migration and breeding cycles characteristic of the species. The moment M of the magnet and the horizontal intensity H of the earth’s magnetic field may be determin- ed if MH is found by the oscillation method. The essay or thesis must be the result of the personal investigations of the author, and must contain clear evidence of independent and ori- ginal research. The desert locust appears to have no fixed annual breeding cycle in Eastern Africa (in contrast to India), and the incidence of breed- ing depends, among other factors, on the inci- dence of suitable rainfall. It may be shown that tan-(9A tan-'^-/ 2, where A t a n ^ 1 , M / H . These^ data if suitably analysed and published would be of great interest to all students of locust biology. Competitors 7nust suh7nit their theses so as to be received by the Registrar 7iot later than 1st March 1948. During the eight years of its existence, it must have accumulated a vast mass of field dfita on locust movements, meteo- rological conditions and so on. The prize will not be awarded to the same applicant on a second occasion. It is to be regretted that Waloff did not pay detail- ed attention to atmospheric pressures, since it is probable that the actual direction of migra- tion from one area to another — as, for exam- ple, from a very hot and arid area to a more [ Current Science congenial one — may be conditioned by pres- sure gradients. Low tempera- tures slow down the movements of swarms, but cessation occurs only below 22° C. Many years ago, I wit- nessed this phenomenon in the Punjab among the desert locusts kept in a large field-cage. It is known that low atmos- pheric pressures throw some insects into a state of restlessness. With the passing of the storm and the restoration of normal pres- sure, the locusts regained their normal compo- sure. One evening, a few minutes before the arrival of a dust storm in the summer months when pressures drop considerably, all the locusts were noticed to fly, jump about and flutter their wings excitedly, although 'hitherto they were perfectly normal.


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