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Anyway, my all-time favorite letter that I received was from a hairdresser near where I lived.

I was walking home and a man comes running after me, holding a letter. If you are amenable to this please call me so we can work out the details.

None of them have turned out to be serious of course – and sums it up really.

I’ll be the first to admit that love letters can be cute, but I usually like getting them from the guy I’m dating, not some random person.One of my favorite parts of being abroad was the daily love letters from Ugandan men.I am convinced they write them in bulk and store them to give to all of the women they meet – or maybe it’s just for the American women they meet.One of the first questions you'll get as a woman from the average Ugandan man will be whether you have produced a child.From here it's only a matter of time – sometimes minutes – before the inevitable marriage proposal. I’ve had more marriage proposals here in Kampala than in the rest of my life.I would walk down the street in Kampala, the capital, and hear men shout, “njagala mzungu,” which means “hey white girl, I like/love/want you.” Now, I could find these men standing on the corner day after day, shouting the same thing, so maybe it’s the Uganda equivalent of a catcall.News for men (or ladies): It doesn’t work any better in a foreign language.Okay, okay Ugandan women, before you prosecute me, here me out first….men, you’ll probably want to read this just in case you’ve been getting curious.I recently started dating a white woman and let me not lie to you, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. so fellow Ugandan men, don’t waste time, dump your current girlfriend and start scouting for a white woman.While discussing condom use with them, they all told me that they didn’t like using condoms because it “felt better without them” – sound familiar, ladies?I was in Uganda as a student, a daughter and a sister.


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