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Updating multiple rows oracle

I then used the New Toy Price column values for Toy Name and Price to update my Toy table column values on rows that have matching column ID values.

To accomplish that I joined the TOY table to my New Toy Price table based on the ID column.There may be times when you don’t want to manually write a bunch of UPDATE statements with different literal strings to update your table.Suppose I wanted to change all the prices of my Toys with a single UPDATE statement.You can also limit the rows being updated using the TOP clause.Suppose you want to update only two rows with a new price then you can run the following code: This code updates two random rows in my Toy table.Below is the TSQL code to create and populate this table.These two different tables will be used in my UDPATE statement examples below.To update this single row I can run the following UPDATE statement: the UPDATE statement was able to find the one row in my Toy table that had the misspelled Toy Name.To update the row that was found I used the “SET” clause of the UPDATE statement, which set the new Toy Name to the correct spelling of “Magic Wand”.Suppose I wanted to change both the Toy Name and the Price columns.I can update multiple columns with a single UPDATE statement.


  1. Feb 21, 2006. MySQL allows multiple-table updates, which can be used to mark which rows are duplicates during the UPDATE, eliminating the need for an exclusion join in the INSERT. To accomplish this, t2 needs a new column to record its “status,” which I will call done. alter table t2 add done tinyint null; update t1.

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