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Updating photos on itouch

Most of my songs are from my old computer which I now longer have, so I no longer have the songs in i Tunes.

If I try to back up my files will it only do the ones from my current i Tunes and delete the rest? Upgrading i OS should leave the files that are on the device in the exact same condition as it was before.

The i Pod1,1_2.0_5A347_firmware can be downloaded from any of the mirrors below..ezoic-wrapper img.wp-smiley, .ezoic-wrapper img.emoji .ezoic-wrapper #F8660_container img .ezoic-wrapper . F8660_fbz_row td, .ezoic-wrapper tr:nth-of-type(even), .ezoic-wrapper tr:nth-of-type(odd) .ezoic-wrapper . It is the complete stable and final i Pod Touch Firmware 2.0 (5A347) and has been checked and tested.Rapidshare mirror (Join parts using this software) Hi All I installed and it did updated firmware and does provide 2.0 interface.That said, however, it is always important to do a backup of all the data on the device before upgrading.When you plug your device in, open i Tunes, and select the backup option, it should backup all the data that is on your device, including any music that is not in your current library.And the display is a perfect widescreen fit for your HD movies and TV shows.i Pod touch features a new 8-megapixel camera and an improved Face Time HD camera, so you can take some of the most stunning photos and videos you’ve ever captured.However somehow I am locked out of i Tunes Store access from i Pod (even the Itunes store button disappears).Finally when I installed apps they were initially properly synced to i Pod.


  1. How to Update iPod Touch to Firmware 2.0 for Free. yo i neede a step by step how to update or jailbreak my itouch cuz i dnt have app. photos, music, video.

  2. If you have iOS 5 or later, updating iOS can be done differently than on iOS 4 or older. you still have the option of updating in iTunes. Photos, Mail.

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