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In 1998 the aircraft was relocated to Paine Field in Everett, WA where it continues to fly often to test Honeywell's latest avionics technologies and products; Allied Signal became Honeywell and the aircraft was re-registered as N580HW. The DC-7 is the first airliner that Douglas offerred with weather radar as a standard option. Ground view of a Focke-Wulf 200 Condor Airliner, registration D-ACON, with the individual aircraft name of "Brandenburg." This is the prototype Condor which flew nonstop from Berlin to New York in 24 hours 55 minutes. See inscription on the nose "British American Oil Co. Almost 5,000 Ju 52/3m aircraft were built between 19 in Germany, France and Spain. Inflight view of a British European Airways Ju 52/3m, G-A??? British European Airways was formed shortly after WWII to provide local air services in Great Britain.

Much of its test flying nowadays involves testing terrain awareness and warning systems (EGPWS), collision avoidance systems (TCAS), weather radar and windshear systems, navigation receivers, radar altimeters and a variety of other products." Current status info . Note the added windows in the airline version versus the USAAF military version above. This is cn 44265, the 462nd aircraft off the production line. With Douglas two cathode ray tubes (CRT's) were provided to display radar information to both the captain and the co-pilot. Very nice inflight view of Fairchild C-123B-1-FA Provider, serial number 54-552, the first production C-123B, Fairchild construction number 20001. Inflight view of Fairchild F-27A Friendship, N145L, serial number 29, Bonanza Airlines. Photo taken while flying over Hoover Dam with Lake Mead in back of the dam. BEA operated the Junkers Ju 52/3m from November 1946 until May 1947 as the "Jupiter" class.

In some cases a particular airplane was manufactured by different companies. A total of 74 Argosy's were built for airlines and the Royal Air Force. A total of 21 DC-4's were modified to ATL-98 Carvair standard between 1961 and late 1965. See the image below of a model 247D and compare the windshield and cowling around the engines of both images. Inflight view of a Boeing model 247D, NC13361, c/n 1947. Empty seat on left side of the image is the radio operatior chair. Fuel cross feed allows an engine with a good fuel pump to send fuel to the opposite engine.

This airplane served until July 1970 when it was broken up at Lydd, Kent, UK. The basic model 247 aircraft was a 10 passenger plus 3 crew, pilot, co-pilot and stewardess, airplane equpped with low drag speed rings around the engines with fixed pitch propellers, and a forward slope windshield. The Boeing 314 was designed by Boeing for long range over water travel. Problem here, according to the American Airlines pilot, was the United crew failed to turn OFF the cross feed after the second engine stated. With both engines feeding from one tank the engines quit about 35 miles north of their intended destinaion.

Ground view of a Curtiss C-46A-CK Commando registered N4894V of Westair Transport. Although Curtiss marketed the Commando as the CW-20 after WWII, I do not believe any new aircraft were built. Available in two resolutions Standard resolution DC-3 Cockpit, about 68K in size. The left side of the photo show part of the radio rack. To Thai Air Force as 40552, now preserved at Dong Maung, Bangkok, Thailand. BEA replaced the Junkers Ju 52/3m with Douglas DC-3, C-47, Dakota type aircraft. There is no registration visible on the original photograph. Nice inflight view of a Lockheed 049 Constellation.

Airlines, especially charter airlines, purchased their C-46's surplus from the 3,180 built for the USAAF. Inflight view of a USAAF Curtiss C-46D Commando serial number 44-77662, part of a United Kingdom based Troop Carrier Wing in 1945. was engaged in WWII and all production was directed to the war effort. Inflight view of Douglas DC-3A, registratoin NC3000. There were a number of DC-3's with this registration, I believe this is the first to wear this registration, Douglas construction number 4809, built in 1941. The same view is also available in High resolution DC-3 Cockpit, about 303K in size. The serial number is air brushed out on the photograph so I cannot determine the serial number. The Federal Aviation Administration used DC-3 type aircraft for many years to verify navigation facilities. Ground view showing a Front side view of FAA Douglas DC-3A N15. Note the long rectangular window seen above the left engine in back of the cockpit. This airplane seems to have two construction numbers 13896 and also 25341. Photograph courtesy of Inflight view of Lockheed 12A Electra Junior, registration NC17374, c/n 1218. Lockheed manufactured 130 model 12A Electra Juniors. On the back is a press release by Lockheed with a 1939 date, however the text of the press release says with the war over (WWII) there are many surplus Lockheed 18's available. Originally this aircraft was built as a USAAF C-69, s/n 43-10210, later purchased by Pan American. Faded, but visible on the nose of the print, is the squadron badge with "VR-5" below.

The Boeing 247 and 247D aircraft was an airplane which advanced commercial aviation. This airplane was delivered to Pan American Airways as NC19903 and today is the only Boeing 307 still in existence as an airplane (there is one other Stratoliner which was damaged in a storm and its fuselage made into a houseboat). This is a cockpit view of a Boeing model 307 Stratoliner. Navy the Boeing 314 airplanes were operated by Pan Am crews. Infight view of Boeing 314 Flying Boat NC18602, Boeing c/n 1989 with the individual airplane name "California Clipper." Delivered January 1939. After WWII the airplane was sold to Universal Airlines NC186022. My earlier versions incorrectly said Bakersfield was the origin of the flight, actually it was Fresno Air Terminal about 100 miles north of Bakersfield.

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On a humorous note, after they deplaned an elderly woman asked Dad if this meant she would miss her connection in LAX! While over the Santa Clarita Valley, the town of Saugus, both engines stopped. BOAC named this their North Star's the Argonaut class. This particular aircraft operated the last British Overseas Airways Corporation flight of a Canadair North Star in BOAC service on March 8, 1960. United scheduled this aircraft to fly a non stop flight from Freseno Air Terminal (FAT), to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), a distance of 209 statue miles, 181 nautical miles.The two pilot's are wearing military uniforms, and since the crew is uniformed I believe this was probably taken while the aircraft was a C-75 in USAAF service. Ground view of Boeing SA-307B-1 Stratoliner of Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA). "He was operating the x-feed system in line with how they were trained.This image is of Boeing SA-307B-1 Stratoliner N19908 taken at Chicago Municipal Airport on 8/6/1949, is Boeing c/n 2000. Both training and maintenance erroneously thought that the Convair, like the DC-6, had a check valve that prevented transferring fuel from tank to tank. Dad essentially got led into a trap." John Wade also believes the aircraft landed in a beet field, which may be correct, however I have left it onion field based on living there.The Larry Westin Propeller Driven Transport Aircraft Photo Page features propeller driven transport aircraft. Most photo's are "period" images taken while the aircraft were new or in service rather than museum exhibits. Ground view of Boeing C-97A Stratofreighter serial number 48-399, same aircraft as above but a ground view. Believe this a Northwest Orient airplane, it has the square passenger windows. This is an aerial view of Convair 340 N73102 immediately after the forced landing in a Saugus field showing the entire airplane in the field. Only 2 minor injuries occurred to the 43 passengers, and 4 crew. United mechanics hoisted the airplane, lowered the landing gear, replaced the propellers and some other parts.Most are black and white, sized to show full screen when your display is set to 1024x768. Aircraft listed first by manufacture name, second by manufacture model. W.650 Argosy Series 102 Argosy, registered G-APRN, c/n 6654. civil register as NC88723, then sold to Braniff and reregistered as NC59952. One other difference is that "Atlantic Division" is now on the tail of the airplane. Inflight view of Boeing 377 Stratocruiser with cloudscape background of American Overseas Airlines. Note the sprial staircase on the right which leads down to the lounge. Convair 340 N73102 being given basic repairs on site after a forced landing. Known passenger names are Al Baker, Joann Cox, Martin Matich and Evelyn Matich, Mr. Douglas Mc Kay who were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Cause of both engines stopping (the engines didn't fail) was fuel starvation.B&W, about 125K, Water view of a Barkley-Grow T8P-1 on floats. Boeing manufactured about 59 model 247 aircraft followed by a single 247A which was a 247 configured for executive use. To accomplish this mission required 5 crew members: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Flight Engineer, Navigator and Radio Operator. Today that onion field no longer exists, houses now occupy the fields where onions once grew.The 247D had a number of improvements including fully cowled engines, variable pitch propellers and a backward sloped windshield with 13 built. Boeing construction number 2003, shown here during a test flight registered NX19903. The photograph I scanned this from does not have any additionl details of the photo, although I was told it was a 1943 photo. This is Boeing 314 Flying Boat Control Cabin, left to righ are the navigator, pilot, co-pilot, radio operator, and the flight engineer. , son of United Captain William Wade, the pilot, provided corrections and additional information.Local television interviewing other passengers give the same view from the passengers., lived in the area and actually witnessed the forced landing.


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