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If you’re looking for hot pics of Charlie Hunnam’s girlfriend, the classy lady does not post many photos of herself online—she seems to be a private, humble person, passionate about her career.

Morgana Mc Nelis’ age is reportedly 33 and she has also dabbled in acting, producing, and costume design.

"My girlfriend is a jewelry designer, so I was able to come back with an appropriately sized gift.

It didn't remedy all of the trouble I was in, but it got me halfway there."Emeralds are a girls best friend!

Charlie Hunnam and his longtime girlfriend, Morgana Mc Nelis, were spotted joking around and laughing together during an LA outing on Sunday.

At one point, Morgana made a pouty face at Charlie, and he gave her the sweetest look, flashing his sexy smirk in her direction.

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MDM FW16 Collection is now available on our website! “We are going to try to live a bit more sustainably,” said Hunnam, who takes joy in the finer things in life.He’s not about the fame and glory, but more about living a modest life and just genuinely being a good person. reported that she hopes to visit India saying, “I know the mystical charm and cultural richness of India would be life changing.” Unfortunately, Mc Nelis didn’t get to travel with Hunnam to Columbia while he was filming , Hunnam explained that the mail delivery system in Columbia was unreliable, and though he attempted to send her letters, it was clear they were never received. I received a letter from her, and I realized that from the tone of it and things she was saying that she hadn’t received the two letters that I sent before,” said Hunnam.He made up for it, though, with emeralds for his lady, no less! During an interview with the Associated Press in Las Vegas March 30, the Sons of Anarchy actor recounted his hasty 1999 wedding to actress Katharine Towne, who he had met at a Dawson’s Creek audition. “First time I was ever in Vegas I got married, which didn’t turn out that well,” Hunnam, 37, said. We had fallen madly in love and it was the first time I had ever been in love.” The pair decided to elope before Hunnam, then 18, had to head back home to England. “We thought, ‘What if we never see each other again? We were just in Thailand recently and I took a Thai cooking course, so I’ve been trying my hand at some Thai dishes recently."Hunnam's successful relationship came after some trial-and-error.The star famously married Katharine Towne at just 18-years-old, later divorcing the actress and describing the relationship as "terrible, painful," and "expensive.""[Mc Nelis] is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry," he said in a statement on Facebook.He asked fans to stop and added, “She is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person, who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry.” He continued to say that he is confused by the negative and unprovoked attacks from people who “call themselves my fans.”The woman who stole Hunnam’s heart is the proud owner of Los Angeles based jewelry company called, Maison de Morgana.On her Instagram account, there are beautiful photos of models wearing her unique creations.Let’s get married and then we’ll have to see each other again even if it’s just to get divorced,’” he recalled. I want to run up mountains at that age,” Hunnam told Men’s Health. “So we came to Vegas, but I couldn’t even get a drink so I actually didn’t think I would be able to get married.” But anything goes in Sin City. M., Hunnam and Towne said “I do” in front of Silver Bell Wedding Chapel’s Reverend RJ Cotton. There was a small victory.” He’s since gone on to find success in his 12-year relationship with jewelry designer Morgana Mc Nelis.


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  4. Apr 17, 2017. In a recent interview with The AP, Charlie Hunnam recalled marrying actress Katharine Towne at just 18 years old in 1999. He's since gone on to find success in his 12-year relationship with jewelry designer Morgana McNelis. The pair reside in a $2.76 million Hollywood Hills pad that likely sees a lot of.

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