Spinelli" Millhouse Spinelli, is a fictional character on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital. The two form a connection and start dating.">
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Who is spinelli dating on gh

Spinelli asked her to go to Sonny and Kate's wedding.

Kate's alter Connie came out and stopped the wedding, but Ellie had a great time with Spin anyway.

She learned Maxie had miscarried Lulu and Dante's baby and was pregnant again with Spinelli's baby.

Claudette’s daughter Charlotte may be the daughter of Valentin Cassadine.

* Ellie was hired to break down a relish recipe for A. Britt Westbourne was lying about the paternity of her child. Ellie Trout first appeared when Spinelli went to the GH lab to have Daniel Morgan's tissue tested as a favor to Jason Morgan.

Yet, viewers will remember that Faison shot at Peter, but he was mysteriously not injured at the crime scene.

Instead, Maxie will remember he saved her life that fateful day that her husband died.


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