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Whos dating rufus sewell

There are no monsters.” Born in Twickenham to Australian animator William and Welsh artist mother Jo, he was ten years old when his father died.

Other than saying Kate’s a gorgeous human being and he’s having a wonderful time with her, he hasn’t told me much.” Winslet, too, is no stranger to relationship traumas.The couple married “on a whim” while holidaying in Anguilla in May 2003, and their son Joe was born later that year.Theirs was regarded as a rock-solid union and their separation in 2010 shocked Hollywood.The couple, who apparently have been engaged since the summer, met on Branson’s Necker Island on the trip in August last year, when romance blossomed amid the ruins of the billionaire’s mansion, which caught fire after being struck by lightning during Hurricane Irene.Winslet had made headlines worldwide after it was reported that she had carried Sir Richard’s mother, Eve, to safety. Their wedding, which took place early this month, was such an exclusive affair that even the couple’s parents were not involved.They have been photographed playing happy families with Winslet’s children, Mia, 12, and Joe, nine, in locations from Chichester to New Mexico.The four were first seen together at New Jersey’s Newark International airport in October 2011, only a few months after the Necker Island fire, while the couple made their red-carpet debut at the Golden Globes earlier this year.She steered a couple of people towards me, one of whom was her agent, who then became my agent, and the other was Tim Pigott-Smith who gave me my first job, and I didn’t realise it was her doing for a long time.” While their paths have crossed over the years, he’s never had the opportunity to thank her.“She’s not the kind of person who would indulge that kind of thing, she’d be like, ‘Nonsense’. She just did me a nice turn.” With a nudge in the right direction his career swiftly took off; by the mid-1990s simultaneously conquering TV, stage and film with a flashy role in Tom Stoppard’s , but that was many years ago, Jesus Christ. I’ve bumped into Kate a couple of times since.” If that film was pivotal for both actors – launching Sewell on a film career path which would include “You do things that turn out five or six years later to be pivotal but at the time whenever you do anything significant, the immediate result tends to be unemployment.Mr Rockn Roll’s father, Robert, told reporters yesterday: “It’s not something I know of — but nothing would surprise me with those two.” Winslet wore a diamond ring designed by her favourite jeweller, Charles Goode, and was escorted down the aisle by her children from her two previous marriages, her publicist confirmed.According to reports, the “romantic, private” ceremony was held in a converted barn outside the city, witnessed by just six guests from either side, including Leonardo Di Caprio, Winslet’s best friend and co-star from the film Titanic, who reportedly gave the bride away.


  1. Rufus Sewell Biography - Affair, Divorce, Ethnicity, Nationality, Net Worth, Height Who is Rufus Sewell? Rufus Sewell is an English. Rufus Sewell Bio. Posted on June 30, 2017 / Last Modified January 24, 2018. Google +. Divorce. Rufus Sewell. Facts of Rufus Sewell. Age 50 years 3 months. Birth Date October 29, 1967.

  2. Rufus and Alice dated for two years, though quiet about their relationship, after meeting on the set of the play Rock'n'Roll.

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