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The streaming music service Nokia Music is bundled, as is Nokia’s excellent Smart Shoot photo app.

This takes multiple photos of a group of people and allows you to pick the best faces from the selection.

In emerging markets, where the Galaxy SIII and i Phone are priced beyond what most people can afford, Landfill Android is many people’s first experience of owning a smartphone.

Nokia figures that the Android user experience – without the supercharged hardware and large batteries of high end Android devices – is pretty lousy.

Several of the 620’s covers have a surprisingly attractive (no, really) "double shot" two-colour effect, which in the right light give the phone an illuminated inset ring.

Many people will prefer the 10 per cent extra battery capacity on offer over the 620 – and be glad of the larger screen, which makes typing more comfortable.

The Windows app store lacks many of the apps and games of Google Play or Apple’s App Store, but what’s there is fast and slick.

And Windows performance really stands out in this budget end of the market, against landfill Android – it’s not only far faster than the competition but it also feels far more assured and reliable; WP8 is the more deterministic system.

takes care of that for you, putting you everywhere your customers are searching.

It feels quite different, the tapered body and squarer corners give it a more business-like feel.

Inside though, it’s the same engine: a 1Ghz dual core processor, and 512MB of RAM.

A few years ago the late music magazine The Word coined the phrase "landfill indie" to describe the thousands of generic groups it encountered.

Today the shops are full of "landfill Android": utterly generic, non-too-inspiring handsets.


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